Maximize Your Space: Creating an Upcycled Corner Cabinet


Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle while maximizing your living space is never this convenient. We introduce a solution that ticks off your aesthetic and environmental awareness checkboxes, the upcycled corner cabinet.

What is an Upcycled Corner Cabinet

An upcycled corner cabinet is a unique furniture item designed to manage your storage needs while adding a touch of elegance to your interior decor. It is crafted from used or discarded materials, making it an ideal choice for those passionate about the environment.

Why Choose Upcycled Corner Cabinets

Transforming old, discarded items into functional pieces of furniture not only helps conserve our natural resources but also helps reduce waste. It’s a win-win; finding items with potential and breathing new life into them.

Following the Environmental Trend

As the modern world heeds the call to action for environmental preservation, having upcycled furniture gives not just a fashionable edge, but also ties to a meaningful cause.

Unique Decoration

Every upcycled corner cabinet carries a distinct style. With a little imagination and a touch of craftsmanship, these pieces become remarkable ornaments, providing your room a unique personality.

How to Make an Upcycled Corner Cabinet

Creating an upcycled corner cabinet involves three main stages:

  • Choosing and collecting materials
  • Assembling the cabinet
  • Finishing touches

Choosing and Collecting Materials

The materials necessary for creating your upcycled corner cabinet are not hard to find. Old cabinetry, wooden crates, or discarded wooden furniture could work perfectly.

Assembling the Cabinet

To assemble your upcycled corner cabinet, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the Material: First, get rid of all the dirt and old paint.
  2. Cut to Size: Shape the collected material to create the individual components of the cabinet.
  3. Assembling the Pieces: Attach your carved pieces together using nails, screws, or strong adhesive.
  4. Adding Shelves: Install shelves at varying heights within the cabinet to fit different items.

Finishing Touches

Lastly, make sure to add finishing touches. You may want to paint the cabinet color that blends with the room’s décor, stain it for a rustic look, or varnish for more shine.

Extra Tips for Excelling in Your Upcycling Ventures

Upcycling, like any other process, comes with extra tricks that you can leverage to create outstanding results.

Painting Over Wood

If you choose to paint your upcycled corner cabinet, remember to apply primer first. This assures improved adhesion of paint and increases paint durability.


Sanding is essential for a smooth finish. Not only does it erase paint, but it also lessens surface bumps and irregularities.

Upcycling Other Items

Don’t limit yourself! Apply these upcycling lessons to other items around your home. Soon, you’ll end up with a vase from an old wine bottle, or maybe a footstool from an ancient suitcase.


Embarking on an upcycling project such as creating a corner cabinet is an exciting and eco-friendly way to add character to your home. Not only are you taking part in preserving the environment, but you’re also creating a unique piece that represents your style and creativity.

Get your tools ready and let the fun begin. Remember, in this world of upcycling, every piece of trash has potential.

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